Here, There and Everywhere

Belonging, identity and equality in schools


This extremely useful manual for teachers and head teachers offers a thoughtful insight into racism in schools, and how to address this problem. The book uses a framework of the three principles of belonging, identity and equality, and gives a good explanation as to why these issues are central to developing a race equality school policy. It introduces the subject through many contemporary quotes, and offers ideas for discussion and policy development in teacher training sessions.

The book is divided into sections as follows:

  • 1. Principles and concepts across the curriculum
  • 2. A subject guide with opportunities within each curriculum subject
  • 3. Questions for review and development, with pages for auditing each subject
  • 4. A whole school section about school ethos and relationships in the playground and staffroom
  • 5. A section about school policy
  • 6. A final section with website and contact details for further information


Items available

    • Book (£15.99)
    • ISBN: 9781858563435
    • 2005
    • No. of pages: 104

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Trentham Books, UCL IOE Press

20 Bedford Way

LondonWC1H 0AL
Website: Visit websitePhone: 020 7911 5563

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