Hands on Health

KS5: ages 16+Website

This education resource from Oxfam Australia is targetted at post-16 students of Health and Human Development and is geared around the Victoria Certificate of Education. Whilst aimed at students in Australian schools the content is very interesting outside Australia as it explores health inequalities both globally and within Australia.

It uses real-world case studies from Oxfam’s work with Indigenous communities in Australia and overseas and has learning activities to engage students through unique and holistic perspectives on issues of Australian and global health and human development.

Indigenous perspectives are explored through Oxfam programs that engage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth, children and adults, and the Close the Gap campaign, Australia largest Indigenous health equality campaign.

Following that, global health and development is considered through the lens of Oxfam’s long-term development, humanitarian and advocacy work across the world. Students will learn about the work of this non-government organisation committed to sustainable human development, and the processes and logistics that are implemented to assist those affected by poverty and disasters.


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