Growing Up Global

Early years global education handbook

Early Years: ages 3-5Teacher's PackCD-ROMImage

This comprehensive handbook has a range of activities that can be used in nurseries, toddler groups and by childminders. There are twelve chapters divided into two main sections. The first focuses on various themes such as food, family and the environment and the second uses six countries as starting points for activities.

Each chapter contains a range of activities, background information, dos and don’ts, songs and games, stories and ideas for extension. At the front there are learning objectives and suggestions of ways to include a global dimension into early years work. There are also guidelines on how activities fit into government initiatives such as healthy schools, every child matters, birth – 3 matters and QCA foundation stage.

Additional resources include booklists, websites links and an accompanying CD containing the handbook as a PDF and all the images available for printing.


Items available

    • Teacher's Pack (£19.95)
    • Pack consists of book plus CD with images and PDF of book.
    • ISBN: 9781874709046
    • 2008
    • Visit website
    • No. of pages: 131
    • CD-ROM
    • Image

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