Global Literacy for a Fairer World

Challenge and Enquiry Pack

KS2: ages 7-11Book

This second edition, updated in 2018, is a comprehensive teaching resource aimed at supporting teachers at KS2 to introduce and teach about development issues in the classroom, and in particular to link with literacy teaching (including speaking and listening, enquiry skills and Philosophy for Children) and the Geography curriculum.

An introductory chapter has 10 generic global activities based on three broad themes: global thinking, critical thinking and how to take action. There are then three chapters around the following themes:

  • Food & Trade,
  • Poverty & Interdependence and
  • Education & Development.

Each chapter has 10 lessons, based on sessions that are approximately 50-60 minutes long. Most are stand-alone lessons, but some are linked together.

All in all this pack has a wealth of lessons and activities to support teaching about global issues and develop pupils’ active global citizenship.

Available on CDEC’s website here:


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