Global Learning in Citizenship

KS3: ages 11-14WebsitePDF

This free website supports teachers in developing and embedding global learning through the Key Stage 3 Citizenship curriculum in England (ages 11-14). It has a large number of downloadable PDFs, PowerPoints, worksheets, schemes of learning and reflection tools. The main sections are as follows:

  • Getting Started – An introduction to Global Learning in Citizenship.
  • Developing Global Learning in Citizenship – Examples of big ideas, global learning opportunities, SMSC and values attitudes embedded in schemes of learning.
  • SMSC and Values & Attitudes – Addressing SMSC and values and attitudes in global learning.
  • Resources – Schemes of learning, worksheets and PowerPoint presentations, covering the following:
    – Political Systems and forms of Government.
    – Human Rights – exploring the theme of child slavery.
    – Community Cohesion.
    – Vision – Thinking about futures.
    – Citizenship in Action / Agents of Change.
  • Reflection Tools – A series of reflection tools that help to evaluate the learning that has taken place and build on the big ideas.
  • Active Citizenship in Citizenship – Examples of organisations that promote active citizenship.

An extensive resource with many ideas for bringing global learning into Key Stage 3 Citizenship.


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