Global Food Challenge for 11-14 years

KS3: ages 11-14Website

Global food issues are complex. While supplies have surpassed population growth, 821 million people still go to bed hungry every night.

This resource will help learners aged 11-14 to understand how global supply chains currently work; where our food comes from, and some of the challenges facing the small-scale farmers who produce it.

Learners can also explore how to advocate for a fairer and more sustainable global food system.



Items available

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    • Downloadable reseouces include: Global Food Challenge Teachers’ Overview (529kB) Background information and a resource outline. Session 1: What is the global food crisis? (942kB) Begin to use key terms linked to hunger issues. Use a quiz and infographic to learn about global food issues. Session 2: Where does our food come from? (663kB) Develop questioning skills and investigate the contents of a supermarket bag. Session 3: Who produces our food? (2MB) Discover the challenges for small-scale farmers in Malawi and read case studies about how farmers are adapting. Session 4: What is a global supply chain? (503kB) Use a reading mystery to make connections along the strawberry supply chain from Morocco to the UK. Session 5: Is food fair? (519kB) Use a simulation game to understand the global food system. Who are the winners and losers? Session 6: Taking action (1MB) Working towards a fairer food system. Identify actions and work out how to implement them. Global Food Challenge Slideshow A (2MB) For use with Sessions 1-2. Global Food Challenge Slideshow B (4MB) For use with Sessions 3-6.
    • 2018
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