Global CREST Challenges

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Are you looking for a challenging STEM project (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) for your students?

Do you want to encourage your student to achieve a CREST award and maybe go on to take part in national competitions such as the Big Bang Fair?

Practical Action’s Global CREST challenges are based on real problems faced in developing countries. They are divided into five themes – water, food, energy, shelter and transport. The resources give secondary students ideas for starting points for projects and they are also linked to technical briefs which are used by real engineers in the field.

These challenges provide students with a great opportunity to gain a real understanding of how science and engineering can be used to the benefit of people in the developing world.

The website provides information on how to get started with the CREST awards and cover the five different themes which will help your students begin their challenge. They include a number of different project ideas but your students can equally come up with their own. As well as links to background information and technical briefs there are also a range of video clips showing some of the solutions in action.

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