Geography and the Global Dimension

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This online course looks at geography’s contribution to learning about the global dimension. It has been developed by the Geographical Association and the Development Education Centre for South Yorkshire (DECSY). They worked in collaboration with teachers from Sheffield and Rotherham, engaging in critical and reflective discussion on themes such as climate change, the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), water, food and trade justice.

The course includes the following units:

  • Start local and think global
    How can we expect pupils to think about global connections if they are unable to value their own small part of the earth?
  • Start global and think local
    What informs our global perspective and how can books prompt memories to help us think about what we value?
  • The ‘big ideas’ behind geography and the global dimension
    What is geography all about? And what is the relationship between geography and the global dimension?
  • Living geography
    Exploring the term ‘living geography’ and how it can make the subject more relevant to your pupils.
  • Planning and resourcing
    Planning for global learning and how to teach about the unfamiliar using the rainforest as an example.
  • Case study one: Project Amazonas
    How one teacher used the book The Great Snake to inspire learning about the Amazon Rainforest.
  • Case study two: One Hen
    Exploring sustainable development with the book One Hen and helping pupils view themselves as global citizens.

The course units are provided on the Geographical Association website. There is also a blog which includes teachers reflections on different activities they have tried with their students.


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