Food for Thought

Learn more about the fairness of the global food system

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Food for Thought is a set of downloadable resources from Oxfam to help young people aged 8-16 find out about the inequities in the global food system, and explore how small farmers are affected by issues such climate change and global trade. The resources are designed to be used as part of a wider schools project, and there is also a free wallchart available, which allows pupils to track their learning and make a display of their work.

The resources are designed to follow a ‘Learn, Think, Act’ model, as follows:

  • Learn: Pupils learn more about the global food system, with resources that can be used across the curriculum or linked into Citizenship, English, Geography or Science. These include role plays, video clips and exploration of issues affecting people in Ethiopia, Honduras, India, Malawi and Tanzania.
  • Think: Pupils consider why the system may be unfair, and who could help make it fairer.
  • Act: Pupils think creatively about what things they can do, then plan and lead their own actions.

There are a wide range of resources, with very thorough teachers’ notes to accompany them. They have been developed with assistance from a number of primary and secondary teachers in England.

Multilingual speechbubbleThere are resources in Italian available via Oxfam Italia, ‘Cibo per la mente’ – see link in resource details box below.


Items available

    • Film
    • The resources include a range of videos to help engage pupils with the issues.
    • Poster
    • Free Food for Thought wallchart allows pupils to track their learning and display their work.
    • Game
    • Educational games are used to explore the different issues affecting farmers

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