Food and Farming – photo teaching resource

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This resource uses all the photographs featured in our Global Wallplanner for 2013-14, which are loosely based around the theme of Food and Farming. Our aim in producing a photo resource for each wallplanner is to provoke critical thinking around the issues under discussion. We hope that teachers can use the photos as a jumping off point, enabling pupils to look deeply into the context of each photo and not just take it at face value.

We start off with an introduction suggesting lots of ways you could use the photos in class – these can be adapted to different age groups. We also provide links to a wide range of supplementary teaching resources exploring the theme in more depth, and providing different perspectives on current food and farming issues.

We then feature each photo from the wallplanner and explain the context, with links to further information, news items and film clips. We have tried to find surprising and and interesting items to engage students’ interest and enthusiasm, and to encourage them to research and discuss further.

Whilst it would fit well into Geography or Design & Technology, this resource is very adaptable to different subjects, and can also be used by different age groups. Please do let us know in the comments box below how you have used it with your students.


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