Follow the Things

Follow the Things
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This website looks a bit like a shopping website, but all is not as it seems. If you click on the different ‘departments’ you will find lots of ‘products’. But clicking on these products will lead you to films, research and articles about where these products have come from, and whether the production has involved human rights abuses or exploitation or environmental damage. The site brings together a mountain of evidence of where our ‘stuff’ comes from and how, when we buy ‘stuff’, we become connected to producers all along the global supply chain.

Alongside the website itself is a blog with suggested classroom resources, and a ‘follow the teachers’ section, where you can read how other teachers have used the website and got their pupils investigating (and taking action on) the everyday things we all buy. These probably sit best within Geography lessons, but could feature in any lesson where you want to explore ethical issues.

Examples of ‘action learning’ range from primary children writing to sweet manufacturers about how fair their chocolate buttons are, right through to A level fashion and design students creating ‘subvertisements’ around the question ‘who made my clothes’?



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