Exploring our Global Village


This online CPD course is designed for individual teachers or, more effectively, geography departments to guide discussions around the way that global learning is embedded in curriculum planning and assessment. It provides a mixture of questions, resources and discussion prompts which aim to introduce some of the key elements of the Global Learning Programme, but in the context of the development of a new unit of work.

The course introduces a proposed new scheme of work for KS3 geography suitable for the 2014 national curriculum, which makes use of web tools to explore our ‘Global Village’. Technology can allow access to a range of topical and contemporary material, which can then be used alongside existing publications and other resources to construct a number of stories.

One important element of the course is the creation of more nuanced arguments when considering notions of development and global inequality.

There are five sections to the course, as detailed below, plus a page of associated resources and links. There is no requirement to work through them in any particular order. Each section is self-contained and provides guidance and ideas for the creation of global learning materials around the idea of our ‘Global village’ where all students and teachers live.

  • Global learning in the curriculum
  • Web tools for global learning
  • Exploring inequality
  • Creating global stories
  • Global village unit.


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