Ending Slavery: An unfinished business

KS4: ages 14-16PDF

This excellent and well thought-out resource take students on a journey through the history of slavery right up to the modern day. Its aim is to deepen students’ understanding of slavery, the transatlantic slave trade, abolition movements and ways to influence parliament.

There are seven lessons, each with clear learning objectives, instructions on how to run the lesson and resources required for the activities. The first lesson introduces the concept that slavery has happened for hundreds of years in many different societies, so that students do not just associate slavery with African people. Following on, the next three lessons look at the transatlantic slave trade and the abolition movement. Finally, there are lessons on slavery in the modern world and anti-slavery campaigns today (which link back to the campaign two centuries ago).

The materials use a wide range of teaching and learning methods, designed to allow students of all abilities to participate.


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