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Amnesty International’s Education for Human Dignity project engages with young people to raise awareness, inform debate and stimulate action to tackle the human rights abuses that drive and deepen poverty.

The initiative uses human rights education and participatory approaches to fully involve young people and those that work with them in developing an increased understanding of how poverty leads to human rights violations and how human rights violations in turn deepen poverty.

The materials have been written for ages 15 and above but can easily be adapted to suit a younger age group.

Resources developed include the following:

Facilitation Manual: A Guide to Using Participatory Methodologies for Human Rights Education – Supports educators running human rights education sessions with young people, leading them through individual and collective journeys of reflection, analysis and action.

Module One: Poverty and Human Rights – A range of structured activities enabling young people and those working with them to make the links between human rights abuses and poverty. The activities encourage young people to use their voices to claim their rights and the rights of others, and to take action on issues that matter to them.

Module Two: Housing is a Human Right focuses on the right to adequate housing – An online platform that aims to engage and inspire young people to learn about and take action against the human rights violations and abuses that deepen and drive poverty. Users can embark on two interactive learning journeys that provide background information on the human rights violations that affect those living in poverty. The site then prompts them to participate in Amnesty International’s worldwide campaigns, as well as to share their thoughts and questions – or propose actions of their own.

Multilingual speechbubbleThe PDF resources are available in Arabic, French, English, German, Italian, Polish, Slovenian and Spanish. The ‘Respect My Rights’ website is available in English, French, Polish, Slovenian and Spanish.


Items available

    • PDF (free)
    • Facilitation Manual: a guide to using participatory methodologies for human rights education
    • Visit website

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