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The Eco Schools programme aims to reduce the environmental impact of the whole school on the community. Once registered, you will be part of an international group of schools working towards education for sustainable development and a better quality of life for local and global communities. To take part you will need to have an action team to lead on activities, complete an environmental audit of your school and develop an action plan to work towards your goals. You will develop an ‘eco-code’ or mission statement and take action based on your plan. By monitoring and reviewing your progress against your plan you can then show the positive effects you are having on your school – from saving energy to creating a nicer environment.

The programme covers the following nine themes, which closely mirror the eight ‘doorways’ of sustainable schools: Energy, Water, School Grounds, Biodiversity, Waste, Litter, Global Perspectives, Healthy Living and Transport. You can work towards three different award levels: the self-assessed Bronze and Silver awards and the externally assessed Green Flag award.

There are opportunities to deliver the Eco-Schools programme through curriculum work as well as involving the whole school and local community and making links with other schools in the UK and across the globe.


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