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Eco-Fish is a fun game for students to play competitively and thereby learn about the global issues surrounding a natural resource. There are various ways to play it, but in a nutshell, students are divided into country teams. They ‘go fishing’ and quickly learn that they have to negotiate rules to ensure the fish stocks don’t run out.

The game has links into the Science, Technology, Geography and Citizenship curriculum, as well as many cross-curriculum dimensions such as enterprise, global dimension and sustainable development, community participation, healthy lifestyles, creativity and critical thinking.

The whole pack includes all you need to run the game, plus: a CD-ROM with rules and score sheets to print off; and a teacher’s handbook explaining how the game works, with case studies relating to the global fishing industry.

Whilst the original version of the game is for secondary students, there is also now a version available for Key Stage 2 (ages 7-11) with supporting material adapted for that age group. This is slightly cheaper at £150. The Eco-Fish website has further information, advice and feedback from teachers who have used the game with their students.


Items available

    • Teacher's Pack (£87)
    • Pack consists of game, CD-ROM and handbook; order via website.
    • Visit website
    • CD-ROM
    • Game

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