Discovering Nepal

Global Citizenship for Key Stage 2

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This DVD pack brings a global dimension to the Key Stage 2 (ages 7-11) curriculum using tried and tested active learning methods from development education practice alongside real life stories and photographs of the work of PHASE in Nepal. It explores life for children in rural villages in the Himalayas through Nepali games, videos and engaging activities.

The 10 activities covered by the pack are as follows:

1. What’s in a name? – exploring the role of charities, including PHASE
2. Global village – exploring global citizenship, similarities and differences
3. Discovering Nepal – comparing and contrasting key attributes of the UK and Nepal
4. Nepali story time – exploring Nepali culture through folk tales
5. Snapshots of village life – exploring Nepali rural life through photographs
6. A day in the life – exploring the daily life of Nepali children
7. Nepali language and art – exploring the diversity in different countries’ cultures
8. Exploring schools – comparing and contrasting school life and school journeys in the UK and Nepal
9. Exploring wants and needs – using a children’s rights approach
10. Debating issues / taking action – discussing global ideas and issues.

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