Developing Rights

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This is a high quality set of resource materials for 11-14 year olds that addresses a range of human rights issues such as violence (including bullying), equal opportunities, futures, access and disability. Students’ concerns are addressed in terms of human rights and put in a social/global context. There is a considerable amount of valuable background material on issues and other countries, as well as comprehensive guidelines for teachers.

There are a number of interesting case studies, and the ideas of students from other countries are used as the basis for class/group discussion. An excellent set of challenging materials for personal development or cross-curricular topics.

The resources are available to download free as PDFs from the Oxfam education website.


Items available

    • Website (free)
    • Why are rights important? This resource will help your class to think about the place of rights in their own lives, and see how young people from around the world are claiming theirs. Useful for exploring issues such as equality, the right to education, and the balance between rights and responsibilities, the activities also use case study material from South Africa, Lebanon, and Ethiopia.
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    • PDF (free)
    • Available to download from the website: Background information about rights for teachers (35kB) Supporting material about rights across the world. Lesson 1: Planet X (22kB) Pupils will decide what rights they would set up on a new planet. Lesson 2: The next generation (85kB) Exploring the differences between different rights charters. Lesson 3: A future for the colony (52kB) Develops understanding that rights need to be safeguarded. Lesson 4: Extension work activities (17kB) Resolving conflicts between rights. Lesson 5: It's not fair (61kB) Examining everyone's right to an equal, non-racist, non-sexist education. Lesson 6: Discrimination in education (30kB) Help pupils to understand what it's like to suffer discrimination. Lesson 7: From moral to legal rights (46kB) Exploring how legal rights come into being. Lesson 8: Choose your own teacher (44kB) Encourages pupils to think about what makes 'good' education. Lesson 9: Planning for action (16kB) Gives pupils the chance to plan actions they might take on rights issues. Lesson 10: Taking it further (34kB) Evaluating actions in terms of their consequences. Lesson 11: Action for global rights (56kB) An alternative to lesson 10 that allows pupils to select possible actions.
    • 2007
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