Dare You Walk the Path?

KS3: ages 11-14KS4: ages 14-16Poster

This is an exhibition and teaching resource from Humanity & Inclusion about the impact of landmines and cluster bombs on communities worldwide.

It follows the journey of a survivor from them taking a walk on an ordinary day, through their accident, the rehabilitation process and the challenges they meet along the way, to deciding to speak up for their rights and joining the international campaign to ban these indiscriminate weapons.

Dare You Walk the Path is aimed at young people aged 11-16 and is available free to schools in the UK. The exhibition features real stories from survivors, deminers and rehabilitation staff from around the world, and includes facts and figures about the issues. It is accompanied by a quiz, suggestions for classroom activities, and a message wall where you can post your own messages in support of the survivors.

The exhibition has 12 panels and is available in A1 and A3 sizes. Contact Humanity & Inclusion via email: schools@hi-uk.org to find out how you can host the exhibition in your school.

Read how Glasgow Academy used this resource to explore the impact of conflict.


Items available

    • Poster (free)
    • 12 exhibition panels, in either A1 or A3 size. To order please email schools@hi-uk.org.

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