Creating Sustainable Schools in London

A Case Study Guide


This book of case studies shows how many schools in London have been working within the DCSF ‘Sustainable Schools’ framework. Each case study outlines:

  • The background of the school’s work under one of the ‘eight doorways’ (Food and Drink, Energy and Water, Travel and Traffic, Purchasing and Waste, Buildings and Grounds, Inclusion and Participation, Local Well-being and Global Dimension);
  • The activities that have taken place within the curriculum, the campus and the community;
  • The benefits;
  • The challenges;
  • Next steps for the school.

Some of the schools have been working on sustainability for a number of years, and are leading examples of what can be achieved as well as demonstrating the benefits for the whole school and its local community. Other schools are at very early stages and are just getting started on the journey; perhaps having recently taken part in their first activity addressing a Sustainable Schools doorway.

All of the case studies acknowledge whether the work of the school on sustainability has helped to deliver the five outcomes of Every Child Matters and also whether the school has achieved Healthy Schools status.

All in all, a great source of examples to inspire schools to engage with issues of sustainability.


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