Contemporary Slavery

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This online resource has been produced through a collaboration between the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool and the Wilberforce Institute for the Study of Slavery and Emancipation, University of Hull. It provides: background information on contemporary forms of slavery; a set of lesson plans with supporting materials; a list of resources that can help with researching further information. It is aimed to be used in Citizenship teaching.

Article 4 of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights affirms that “no one shall be held in slavery or servitude” and slavery is now outlawed in every country. But as many as 27 million people, spread over nearly every continent, endure forms of treatment today that merit the term “slavery”. Many victims of contemporary slavery are young people.

The resource has been created to equip teachers of upper Key Stage 2, and of Key Stage 3 and beyond (ages 10-14), so that they can teach about this important aspect of 21st century life with knowledge and confidence. The hope is that when students encounter this material, they will learn about how basic human rights, including those of people their own age, continue to be violated, and that they will develop empathy with those enduring slavery today and become motivated to contribute to their fight for freedom.


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