Community Cohesion in Action

A Curriculum Planning Guide for Schools


Community Cohesion in Action follows on from two previous documents in the series, The Global Dimension in Action and Sustainable Development in Action. It shows how the curriculum can play a key part in promoting community cohesion within a school, its local community and the wider world.

Practical activities help you explore the difference you can make to learners by embedding community cohesion within your curriculum. These activities focus on three key questions:

1 What are you trying to achieve?
2 How will you organise learning?
3 How well are you achieving your aims?

Case studies from primary and secondary schools show a range of different approaches, from engaging disaffected learners through community drama projects to valuing diversity by creating links between schools that have very ethnically different pupil populations. This guide concludes with a brief overview of the organisations and agencies that can support your community cohesion work.


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