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Our changing climate will impact at global, national and local scales.

Using some of the latest scientific data and projections, this online education pack from the British Council provides ideas and resources to deepen your pupils’ understanding of climate change and to help them to see this complex topic in a global context. It aims to support schools around the world to teach, think and talk about the global and intercultural dimensions of climate change.

The pack contains learning activity ideas, sample lesson plans, tips and further resources to use with pupils aged 7 to 16 years. Learning activities are grouped around the following three themes:

Theme 1: Weather and Climate The aim of this theme is to spark an interest in weather conditions and enable pupils to explore variations in weather around the world and the difference between weather and climate.

Theme 2: Climate change: causes, evidence and future predictions Activities in this theme will develop knowledge and understanding of climate change and by looking at the evidence, understand its causes and how it is impacting on the present and may impact on the future.

Theme 3: Making a difference and finding solutions This section will consider what we can do to adapt to climate change that is already happening and try to prevent it reaching a point where it seriously damages life on planet earth.

The resources include interactive data sets showing the latest global and national climate predictions, climate science brought to life by the experts, case studies investigating global, national and local impacts and solutions. Guidance for teachers on using the resources is provided.


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