Climate Change Photopack

CAFOD Climate change photopack
KS3: ages 11-14ImageWebsite

This photopack is targetted at Key Stage 3 RE and Geography. It explores the issue of climate change and in particular how it affects the people CAFOD is working with in the poorest countries of the world. It is made up of 12 A4 size colour photos with information on the reverse, including: a story or case study; information and questions linking to Religious Education and Geography; ideas for reflection and action; and details of relevant web links. There are teachers’ notes with suggestions on how the pack can be used in class, as well as guidance for older students to lead a wider awareness-raising session about the issue of climate change.

As CAFOD is a Catholic charity, there is a religious dimension to this pack.

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Items available

    • Image (free)
    • 12 x A4 photocards with information on reverse and Teachers' Notes
    • Website (free)
    • Pack can be ordered or downloaded from the CAFOD website.
    • Visit website

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