Climate Change, Children and Youth

Local Connections to Global Issues

KS4: ages 14-16KS5: ages 16+PDF

This guide from UNICEF Canada has been created to support upper secondary school educators in their efforts to work with young people to take action on climate change. Through thought-provoking activities, students have the opportunity to nurture their compassion and discover how climate change is affecting children around the world, especially children in developing countries.

This guide contains a series of activities with accompanying handouts connected to the six themes of: natural disasters, food security, health, natural environments, water and energy, and how climate change impacts on these themes. Each theme includes the following sections:

  • Interactive and thought provoking student activities to accompany the theme
  • Informative facts and statistics providing background for the educator and/or student to facilitate the theme
  • Easy to understand student handouts accompanying each activity
  • Inspirational profiles and student projects challenging youth to make the change.

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The resource is available in both English and French versions.


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