City, Town & Country: Our 21st Century Communities

Cross Curricular Resource

KS2: ages 7-11CD-ROM

This CD resource for Key Stage 2 (ages 7-11) has been produced by two Development Education providers, Global Education Initiatives (based in Bristol) and Cornwall Development Education.

The south west of England has pockets of urban diversity but is largely rural, and some areas are much less diverse than other parts of the UK. It can therefore be quite challenging to introduce children to ways of life and environments different to their own. Children in inner-city schools might be suspicious of “the countryside”, and vice versa.

Through a community investigation this resource will help classes understand their own locality and compare it with those of four different rural and urban schools in Bristol and Cornwall.

Split into three thematic sections: Who We Are, The People We Know and The Places We Know, this resource guides classes through some of the key questions surrounding our communities. A variety of cross-curricular and interactive tasks will interest and engage learners, whether used as part of a unit of work or as discrete lessons.

Whilst the schools and the communities featured are based in the south west of England, the activities are also very useful in the context of links with partner schools in other countries, where partner classes can do the same activities to develop a better understanding of each other.


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