Citizens’ Rights and Brexit

Young Citizen's brexit resource
KS4: ages 14-16KS5: ages 16+Website

Want to explore the potential impact of Brexit with your students but unsure of the facts?  Worried you don’t have all the answers?

For young people in Britain today, it’s likely that the remainder of their childhood and early adulthood will be dominated by Brexit.  This will have profound implications on their life chances and opportunities.

In partnership with the European Parliament, Young Citizens have produced a new classroom resource:  Citizens’ Rights and Brexit – A free resource pack for schools .

This five lesson pack will help your students gain a better understanding of the potential changes to individuals’ rights after the UK leaves the EU.  The pack focuses on the following five areas:

  • Brexit the UK and the EU
  • Freedom of movement
  • Worker’s rights
  • Health care and social security
  • Higher education


Items available

    • Website (free)
    • Visit the website to download a mapping document and lesson plans.
    • Visit website

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