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The Centre for Alternative Technology website has a range of free downloadable activities and resource lists for teachers, covering a range of topics relating to global citizenship, biodiversity and sustainable development. Activities are mainly for Key Stage 2 and 3 (ages 7-14) but could be adapted for older students. Examples include:

  • Sustainable Food – overview of the issues, challenges and possibilities related to the way we produce and consume food, plus a resource list.
  • Energy Futures – The challenges and possible energy futures in a nutshell, plus a resource guide for teachers looking for sustainable energy resources for the classroom.
  • Sustainable Building – A look at sustainable building design, materials, and energy use, plus a resource guide.
  • Home and school energy survey energy survey activities.
  • Energy Trumps – card game which enables players to learn more about different supplies of energy and the various positives and negatives associated with each.
  • Building a model of a solar water heater.
  • What do you need? – activity to discuss needs and wants with pupils.
  • Water activities, including: How much water does it take to make a burger?; The Water’s Rising; What is its water footprint?


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