Can You Beat the System?

An interactive simulation game to help learners understand the global food system

KS3: ages 11-14FilmGamePDFPowerpointWebsite

Can your pupils beat the system? Playing this game will help them understand the global food system, and the impact it has on millions of small scale farmers who struggle as a result of its unfairness. Working in teams they will learn more about the role of the global food market, multinational companies, food and cash crops, and experience the challenges small scale farmers face first hand. This includes access to land, lack of resources, food price rises and changes to the climate. Pupils will also learn how the actions of governments, multinational companies and farmers themselves can make the system work better for everyone.

Pupils will:

  • Understand more about food-related challenges faced by communities in developing countries, particularly small scale farmers
  • Develop their skills in planning, teamwork, organization and negotiation
  • Be empowered to communicate global food issues to others and inspired to take appropriate action.


Items available

    • Film (free)
    • Game (free)
    • PDF (free)
    • Powerpoint (free)

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