CAFOD Sport Activities (Primary)

CAFOD Sport Activities (Primary)
Early Years: ages 3-5KS1: ages 5-7KS2: ages 7-11WebsiteGame

The Catholic aid charity CAFOD has developed a range of primary teaching resources available free online, which highlight the importance of sport in development. They draw on CAFOD’s work in a number of different countries including Cambodia, El Salvador, Kenya, the Philippines, Tanzania. Resources include:

  • Assembly, poster and resource pack on sporting values and peace.
  • Activities to explore Olympic/Paralympic values and Gospel values.
  • A liturgy on Olympic and Paralympic values in the context of global justice.
  • Teacher’s guide to planning a global Olympic/ Paralympic week.
  • Sport fair / unfair game to find out the causes of poverty and possible solutions
  • A presentation about how sport has helped Maria and her community in El Salvador to live in peace.

There are also teachers’ notes giving a brief description of each resource and detailing links to the curriculum.

Download all resources from:


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