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Key Stage 2 teaching resource Publisher: Royal Geographical Society

KS2: ages 7-11Website

This module comprises six lessons (half a term’s work) focusing on Brazil. It aims to introduce pupils to the country’s diverse and unique culture. Throughout the unit pupils are encouraged to compare the geography of Brazil to that of the UK (an integral element of the new primary curriculum). Pupils will begin by studying the human and physical features of Brazil before placing Brazil in the wider context of the world and South America. They will investigate the many differences between urban and rural Brazil and case study the lives of people living within Rio de Janeiro. The following topics are covered:

  • Where is Brazil? An identification of the human and physical features
  • The Brazilian climate
  • Urbanisation: the great tug of war
  • A city of two halves
  • The indigenous people of the Amazon rainforest
  • What is life like in Brazil?


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