A Cross-curriculum Learning Experience for Key Stage 3

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The ‘Belonging’ project aimed to enable young people to explore intercultural dialogue. Devised by Manifesta with the Runnymede Trust, the project organised a series of video workshops in suburban locations with young people from a diverse range of ethnic backgrounds – in London (Newham), Lisbon (Casal da Boba) and Paris (20th arrondissement).

Focusing on themes around migration, identities and the making of new communities, the project explored how young people talk about belonging – how migration over time shapes communities, and how young people understand their identities and relationships to each other while having roots and backgrounds related to more than one place.

Each participant made his/her own film on the subject of his/her choice. The aim was to give participants the opportunity to express themselves on these major issues through video, and to communicate their views to different audiences – local community, mainstream audiences, institutions and policy makers in the three countries.

The resulting 43 short films, published on the Runnymede ‘Belonging’ website, provide a valuable insight into the thoughts of young people in urban and suburban contexts today. The accompanying teacher’s guide is downloadable from the website as a PDF. It uses some of the films to link in with lesson plans for Citizenship, English, Geography and History, and provides background information about the areas where the project took place.


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