Behind the Barcodes

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What goes into the food we buy? How can we ensure the farmers, fishers and food processors who work to put food on our shelves are treated fairly?

This interactive resource will help learners aged 11-18 to investigate the human suffering in global food supply chains, and use persuasive writing skills to encourage supermarkets to do better.





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    • As consumers, we have the right to demand that everyone 'Behind the Barcodes' is treated fairly. By challenging the supermarkets this campaign could deliver a fairer share for the farmers, fishers and workers who supply their food. The short global citizenship resource below is designed for teachers to use collaboratively with learners aged 11-18 in a variety of ways, for example as part of an Oxfam School Group. Navigate through the tabs to discover and work through the Think Boxes and worksheets.
    • 2018
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