Beeworld Project Education Pack

KS2: ages 7-11PDF

The Beeworld Project aims to promote the value of bees in schools and communities. Their education pack contains useful information about bees, pollination and honey, followed by curriculum-linked activities and other resource suggestions. It provides basic information for the study and understanding of bees, and aims to help teachers and other educators teach about bees, their activities and their relationship with humans.

The pack is suitable for primary pupils at Key Stages 1 and 2 (ages 5-11).

Here are some examples of the activities it includes for different curriculum areas:

  • Literacy: The Great Bee Debate activity; Bee Poetic and Acrostic Poems
  • Mathematics: Amazing Bee Facts and Figures sheet; A Hexagonal World activity
  • Science: The Buzzy Bee Game provides a simple activity to underpin an understanding of the structure of insects and the Waggle Dance Game is a great way to engage pupils in an aspect of bee behaviour.
  • Geography, History and RE: investigating the way bee products are used around the world and the significance of bees to other cultures and religions, both past and present, and considering the moral and social significance of losing bees
  • Design & Technology: an investigation of hive structures (A Hexagonal World), the design and construction of insect homes (Solitary Bee Hotel) and making things with bee products (Cooking with Honey)
  • Art & Design: exploring art and craft inspired by bees and honeycomb motifs
  • PE: the Waggle Dance Game.


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