BEACONS Guides to Climate Change

KS5: ages 16+PDF

Aimed at the general reader, these three Guides to Climate Change make up a comprehensive survey of the essential facts of the great climate change debate. No previous knowledge is assumed. The Guides set out the relevant facts and opinions and do not attempt to persuade the reader of any particular point of view.

While they are arranged sequentially and designed to be read in order, each is free standing and can be read without having read the previous one. This means there is some overlap of material.

  • Guide 1 – Climate Change: the Facts
  • Guide 2 – Is Catastrophe Avoidable?
  • Guide 3 – UK Climate Change and Energy Policy

As well as being a quick, comprehensive, up-to-date and entertaining survey for anyone who wants to find out more about this crucially important subject, each Guide would be very suitable as a six week enrichment course for Post-16 students (Year 9, 10 or sixth form) with one hour a week teacher contact time or for a course in Critical Thinking.

The Guides are frequently updated and therefore more current than any book can be, and are be a valuable up-to-date reference source for teachers.

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