Banking on Shaky Ground

KS4: ages 14-16Website

What responsibilities do Australian banks have when making investment decisions overseas? How can big business operations leave local communities in developing countries homeless and hungry? And how can Australian consumers and young people influence their decisions?

This teaching resource is from Oxfam Australia and is aimed at high school students at Years 9 and 10 (ages 14-16), studying humanities, business, economics, commerce and civics and citizenship. It could be adapted for use in schools outside of Australia.

The resource will help students understand the links between Australian banks, global development, and the practice of land grabs.

Using real-life case studies based on Oxfam’s Banking on Shaky Ground report released in 2014, students learn about supply chains, responsible investing, and the impact Australia’s banks can have on lives overseas. Students also learn about the active role consumers, including young people, can have in advocating for ethical business practices and holding institutions to account.

It aims to help students explore, reflect and respond to stories, case studies, videos, data and statistics, and can be used in traditional or ‘flipped’ classroom models.

The learning activities enhance students’ learning and understanding through activities that support them to become informed and active global citizens, ranging from the analytical and critical, to fun and practical projects.


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