Bangladesh: Oli’s Crusade Against Child Marriage

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This British Council produced film introduces us to Oli, a 12 year old boy from Dhaka who is on a mission to combat child marriage in Bangladesh. When he was younger a female friend of his was taken away and married off. He never saw her again.

With the help of Plan International Oli and his friends are trying to raise awareness of the problems of child marriage and fight the practice in their own community. As a result of their work there has been a dramatic decrease in numbers of children getting married in the region.

The film is available in primary and secondary versions, with a selection of age-appropriate teaching activities and discussion ideas.


Items available

    • Film (free)
    • Website (free)
    • Primary film and activity ideas (ages 7 to 11).
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    • Website (free)
    • Secondary film and activity ideas (11 to 16)
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