Asian Workers’ Struggles in the Diaspora

KS4: ages 14-16MapTeacher's Pack

This pack highlights the struggles of Asian workers who have migrated from South Asia to Britain and to various other countries, which were once British colonies. Both primary and secondary source material is used. Also included are a number of outline maps and black and white photographs of the era.

The pack has six sections:

  • Asian Indentured Labourers (1830-1920)
  • The Lascars (Indian Seamen 1800-1920)
  • Workers and Middlemen in East Africa (from 1890s onwards)
  • Racism and Immigration in Britain (1960 onwards)
  • Asian Workers Demand Justice in Britain
  • Globalisation and Workers’ Resistance.


Items available

    • Map
    • Teacher's Pack (£6.50)
    • Pack includes book, maps and photos
    • ISBN: 0 9527 6231 5

Order from

London Development Education Centre (LONDEC)

293-299 Kentish Town Road,

LondonNW5 2TJ

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