Amnesty International Resource for Special Schools

KS3: ages 11-14KS4: ages 14-16PDFPowerpoint

This resource introduces students in Special Schools to concepts of fairness and unfairness, the human right of freedom of expression and Amnesty International’s work in this area. The resource includes two lesson plans, which have been developed in consultation with teachers working in Special Schools.

Learning objectives:

  • To understand the importance of saying ‘yes’ and saying ‘no’, for ourselves and for others.
  • To begin to understand what is meant by ‘fair’ and ‘unfair’ and recognise some examples of this in everyday life.
  • To begin to understand that some people in other parts of the world are treated very unfairly and are denied the right to freedom of expression.
  • To begin to understand that Amnesty International is an organisation that aims to help individuals and communities who are denied basic human rights.
  • To explore creative approaches to raising awareness of Amnesty’s work.


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