Access to geography: Rural settlement and the urban impact on the countryside

KS4: ages 14-16Book

This is a comprehensive book that examines a wide range of factors that have helped to create patterns of rural settlement in various parts of the world today. It gives a concise theoretical review of concepts related to rural settlement – definition, typologies and theories.

The book outlines geographical influences upon settlement location, hierarchy and morphology are studied in relation to the context of continuity and change. With information and case studies from a range of countries, the book motivates teachers and students to explore several issues – economic conditions which lead to rural depopulation and urbanisation and the repopulation of some rural areas as well as changes and conflicts in the countryside. These issues could be explored across curricular subjects to provide further insights and knowledge about rural settlement patterns historically in Britain and links with the concept of global citizenship. However, due to the theoretical content, this book may be more useful for older students, with teacher guidance on the subject.


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