Abuela’s Weave

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This book tells the tale of Esperanza, and her grandmother, Abuela, and their life in Guatemala. Abuela teaches her granddaughter traditional weaving, but will their colourful clothers be able to compete with manufactured materials for sale at the city market?

This illustrated storybook gives lots of detail about life in Guatemala, and explores the themes of family, identity and traidition. Teaching activities to accompany the book are also available online.

Lee and Low is an American publisher; if you’re in the UK you can order via the Lee and Low website or an online bookshop such as Amazon or Abe Books.


Items available

    • Book (£5.99)
    • ISBN: 9781880000205
    • 1996
    • No. of pages: 32
    • PDF
    • Teachers' notes are available via the publisher's website.
    • Visit website

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