A’ Adam’s Bairns?

Exploring equality and diversity in Scotland past and present

KS2: ages 7-11KS3: ages 11-14Website

This innovative resource explores slavery past and present in the context of Scotland’s history. It draws on original source material contained in the National Library collection to explore contemporary issues relating to racism, multiculturalism, religion and sectarianism. It has over 50 activities, some of which draw on a number of traditional and contemporary folk songs.

It is divided into six sections:

1. Sources and evidence

2. Slavery

3. Forced movement of people

4. Scottish identity and diversity

5. Prejudice and discrimination

6. Taking action for change.

It is suitable for use in a number of different subjects and topics areas, as well as providing a useful tool for interdisciplinary learning, a context for the delivery of Curriculum of Excellence or as a transition project. It is aimed at ages 10-14.

Originally provided as a booklet and CD-ROM, it is now available free online, including downloadable PDFs and audio files.


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