The Global Dimension blog has regular articles on teaching ideas and new resources to support the global dimension in the classroom.
Teaching about Nelson Mandela 9 December 2013 We've used Storify to collect together a range of online resources to help you teach about Nelson Mandela Creative use of film-making in global learning 11 November 2013

Rosemary Clarke from the One World Centre, Isle of Man, reports on the film competition they ran this year for primary schools.

How schools can save energy and tackle climate change 7 October 2013

Simon Brammer shares some tips.

International Day of the Girl and a plan for the future 23 September 2013 Heather Saunders from Plan UK looks ahead to International Day of the Girl. Great Men: Engaging Men and Boys in Gender Equality 19 September 2013 Sarah Perry introduces a new initiative. One Day: around the world in 24 hours 10 September 2013 A new children's book about time zones. Question mark made of puzzle pieces by Horia Varlan on Answering international development questions from primary pupils 22 July 2013

Amy West reflects on the challenge of answering complex questions.

A psychological approach to global learning 10 June 2013

Amy West reflects on an interesting new 'thinkpiece', and explores "what does it mean for me as a teacher?"

Culture Chat 29 May 2013 Broadening horizons in the classroom. Skilling Britain for the 21st Century 14 May 2013

Think Global Chief Executive Tom Franklin explores 21st century skills.

School assemblies 8 May 2013 A golden opportunity for global learning. Learning through ‘Live Below the Line’ 25 April 2013

Andrew Fryer is Campaigns Officer at Global Poverty Project and runs the Live Below the Line Campaign. In this guest blog he explores the great learning the campaign offers.

Send My Friend to School 2013 logo Every Child Needs A Teacher 18 April 2013 The Send My Friend to School campaign theme for 2013. Paint a Fish logo Paint a fish! 21 March 2013 ...and help refill our seas for future generations. Send a Cow logo 25 years Let’s learn about real people 20 March 2013 A perspective from John Cleverley. Stand up and be heard! 7 February 2013 Global learning and pupil participation in primary schools International Year of Water Cooperation 23 January 2013

Designated by the UN in 2013.

Djenne mosque by Carsten ten Brink on Teaching about Mali 18 January 2013

Useful links and teaching resources.

Why Poverty? 15 November 2012

An international documentary season using film to get people talking about hunger and poverty.

Connecting young people with special educational needs with the world 6 November 2012

An opinion piece by Jo Grace

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