The Global Dimension blog has regular articles on teaching ideas and new resources to support the global dimension in the classroom.
Photo of a class group of school children with Traidcraft products Show You Care about fair trade… with a Traidcraft Breakfast Club! 18 August 2016 Caroline Hardaker is the Schools Co-ordinator at Traidcraft, and she writes here to tell you about how easy it is to integrate Breakfast Clubs and fair trade, and all the while learning about world culture. Earth Entrepreneurs Earth Entrepreneurs 16 June 2016 Primary teacher Stella Astill explains how her class have been exploring global and ‘eco’ issues, and have raised funds for good causes. The Global Goals Logo and Icons The SDGs and Global Skills 2 June 2016 Final one of our free seminar series Send My Friend to School logo Send My Friend 2016 22 April 2016 Teresa-Rae Morton from the Global Campaign for Education UK introduces this year's focus for Send My Friend to School. Think Global training 16 March 2016 Bring the world into your classroom and inspire students and colleagues about global issues. Think Global provides high quality CPD for education practitioners to engage schools in Global Learning. Going nuts for fair trade! 29 February 2016 A range of nutty teaching resources from Liberation Nuts. The Global Goals Logo and Icons Education for the SDGs 14 February 2016 Free seminar series How do we know it’s working? 21 January 2016 A new audit toolkit from RISC. What’s so special about Little Worm? 19 January 2016 A new children's book from New Internationalist. Global children’s literature from Tiny Owl 11 January 2016 An independent publishing company producing quality books for children. Amazonas Comics 29 October 2015 Explore the diversity of the rainforest! Global Poverty 101: Question everything 1 October 2015 Martin Kirk suggests two important questions students can ask to find out about global poverty. To go or not to go: a refugee asks the question 30 September 2015 A Syrian refugee and English teacher speaks to CAFOD in Lesbos about his experiences. Our World, Our Dignity, Our Future Positive development stories for your classroom 22 September 2015

Amy West, Programme Manager at Think Global, invites you to join a free, online twilight training session.

Water Explorer Logo Make every drop count, with Water Explorer 25 August 2015 Read more about this great behaviour-change programme for schools. The elephant in the room 11 June 2015 Teaching the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and Conflict Resolution Solar Schools applications are OPEN! 12 May 2015

Your school could take an exciting journey to help tackle climate change.

‘If I were a world leader…’ What will your pupils say? 7 May 2015 Send My Friend to School campaign for 2015 Learning, Camera, Action! 16 February 2015 Develop communication skills by making films about climate change. Teaching History in 100 objects 19 January 2015 Global and material approaches to the National Curriculum « First ‹ Previous 1 2 3 4 5 7 Next › Last »