The Global Dimension blog has regular articles on teaching ideas and new resources to support the global dimension in the classroom.
Global Learning at early years through another’s lens 12 October 2018 Xun, co-founder at GrowAlong Education, blogs about their work in promoting Global Citizenship at early years through developing international friendships between UK and Chinese children. Photo by Porapak Apichodilok from Pexels Three map websites to add a global dimension to your teaching 14 September 2018 Teach First participant and Primary School teacher, Phoebe Rudgard, writes about three fantastic websites which use interactive maps to give us an insight into both the workings of the world and the things within it. GEYA18 finalists Q&A with our GEYA 2018 winner, Samantha Olubodun and finalist Thandiwe Banda 14 September 2018 In our Q&A’s with our Global Educator of the Year 2018 finalists, winner Samantha & finalist Thandiwe, each share the importance of, and challenges they have each faced, integrating global learning in to the curriculum. How do we teach children about Trump? 14 September 2018 Teach First participant and Primary School teacher, Phoebe Rudgard, discusses the importance of tackling controversial topics in the classroom. Photo by Jennifer Murray from Pexels Entrenching gender stereotypes: are teachers part of the problem? 14 September 2018 Teach First participant and Primary School teacher, Phoebe Rudgard, questions whether teachers inadvertently play a role in reinforcing gender stereotypes. Send my Friend to school Make Schools Safe – everywhere and for all children. 9 July 2018 Send my Friend to School talk about their Parliamentary Action Day campaign and the importance of making schools a safe haven for everyone, everywhere. Young Citizens - social media Is social media harmful to today’s young citizens? 6 July 2018 Young Citizen's Education Manager Naomi Kennedy, writes about the impact of social media on the mental health of young people today. The importance of P4C in education 6 July 2018 SAPERE is the Society for the Advancement of Philosophical Enquiry and Reflection in Education. Here they discuss the importance of Philosophy for Children in education and how you can incorporate P4C in the classroom.  Supporting the need for education for all 6 July 2018 The National Education Union discuss the strategy behind their important international solidarity work to ensure education is accessible for all. Migration resource front cover What does migration mean to you? 15 June 2018 Young Citizens is an education charity working in primary and secondary schools to help educate, inspire and motivate the active citizens of tomorrow. Here they talk about their new resource, created with law firm Allen & Overy, on the topic of migration. Refugee Week 2018: Contributions, creativity and resilience 11 June 2018 The British Red Cross introduce their new resource for Refugee Week 2018. This year’s new resource celebrates 20 years of Refugee Week and helps learners to build empathy and understand the contributions, creativity and resilience of refugees. Global learning Children are Entitled to Global Learning 14 May 2018 Graham Frost, a headteacher at Robert Ferguson Primary School in Cumbria, blogs about the importance of school children engaging in real world issues. Peace Education Critical thinking through creative learning 14 May 2018 Owen Everett, Peace Education Officer at CND, outlines how their Peace Education programme empowers young people to think critically about nuclear weapons, peace and security issues. On a mission to end extreme poverty 14 May 2018 Maria Georgiou, Education Engagement Manager at Wateraid, talks about their work to ensure everyone, worldwide, has access to clean water in order to thrive. Street Children Let the most vulnerable have a true voice 11 April 2018 Lisa Lee, Project Support Officer at Think Global talks about the important role teacher's play in nurturing children and helping them to release their full potential, on International Day for Street Children. Practical Action 'Ditch the Dirt' resource It’s time to Ditch the Dirt 14 March 2018 Bren Hellier, Education Officer at Practical Action, talks about their work in Turkana, Northern Kenya, and how it became the basis for their new Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) resource Ditch the Dirt. UNA-UK Bringing global issues to life in the classroom 14 March 2018 Laurel Hart, UNA-UK’s Outreach & Campaigns Officer, explains why teaching about the UN’s work tackling the world’s most complex challenges is so important in today’s world. Faith education Making our complex world accessible for curious young minds 12 March 2018 Medeia Cohen discusses her motivations behind the Hats of Faith project, and how it can help to educate and prepare young children and their parents for our culturally diverse modern world. Show the Love Let’s get creative about climate change! 17 January 2018 Caroline Grogan, Campaigns Support for The Climate Coalition, discusses their Show the Love campaign and runs through some ways that schools can get involved this February. Water Explorer_student activity The Global Goals through a watery lens 15 November 2017 Amber Robinson delivers Water Explorer in the UK, and explains how the schools programme can support students in engaging with the Global Goals. 1 2 3 7 Next › Last »