New residential course

14 September 2017

Students participate in Start the Change research

Join Think Global to learn more about how to start up intercultural and peace-building initiatives with young people, aimed at preventing radicalisation and developing sensitivity and mutual appreciation.

On November 2-4, we are running a residential training course in London to support teachers to examine communication, identity, conflict and how schools can respond to the challenges facing young people in society. The training is aimed at preventing radicalisation through building positive communications, an appreciation of diversity and wider civic skills for young people. There are limited number of places available for GLP schools who use their GLP e-credits. Find out more and register.

This training is part of our Start the Change project. We are working with teachers and school students to understand young people’s views on identity, diversity and extremism, and supporting them to build ideas and spaces for developing and promoting a more cohesive society.  We will soon be sharing the results of our research which investigated young people’s views on these issues, so look out for updates! Find out more about the project on our website

Register by Friday 20th October to secure your place.

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