The End Of The Line

Free online teaching resource based on the documentary film ‘The End Of The Line’ which explores the effect of overfishing on the world’s oceans. Features a range of activities including key scene analysis and exploration of issues such as the impact

A Crude Awakening

Free online teaching resource based on the documentary film A Crude Awakening, and designed to explore issues relating to the world’s oil reserves. Provides an opportunity to engage with the issues raised by the documentary and consider the approach

Picture the Global Dimension

This is a classroom photo activity based on pictures chosen for the Global Wallplanner 2010-11. It can be adapted to suit all age groups and can relate to a variety of different subject areas – or could be used in tutor time or after-school clubs.

The Atlas of Human Migration

This atlas maps contemporary migration against its economic, social, cultural and demographic contexts, and traces the story of migration from its historical roots to its causes and effects today.

Sustainable Engineering

Practical Action, in collaboration with the Royal Academy of Engineering (RAEng) has developed this free online suite of resources to support the 14-19 Engineering Diploma. It consists of eight practical activities students carry out which raise their awareness and understanding of how important sustainability issues are in engineering if we are to make a sustainable future a reality.

Practical Action image gallery

Practical Action image gallery

Practical Action’s free online image gallery for schools features photos from developing countries on number of topics: renewable energy, water & sanitation, farming, plants, recycling, climate change, transport, costume and technology justice.