Ask the Expert: Victorine Olwanda (Microfinance)

An interview with an expert on Microfinance in Kenya. Microfinance is a response to the financial needs of the poor – those that have been locked out lending from commercial banks. As well as lending money, the microfinance bank also trains people

Ask the Expert: Liam Carr (Overfishing)

An interview with an expert on overfishing in the Caribbean. The reefs surrounding this tourist hotspot have been declining for the last 30 years as a result of overfishing, a decline in sea urchins, an emergence of algae and eutrophication.

Ask the Expert: Ruth Evans (HIV/AIDS)

An interview with an expert on HIV/AIDS in Tanzania. An estimated 34 million people were estimated to be living with HIV/AIDS, as of 2011. Thirty million of these live in low and middle income countries.

Global Hunger & Food Waste

MADE in Europe is developing a series of resources to support Muslim schools to implement a global dimension as part of the school curriculum. This resource pack contains lesson plans and PowerPoint presentations covering hunger and why it occurs glo

Food and Farming – photo teaching resource

This resource uses all the photographs featured in our Global Wallplanner for 2013-14, which are loosely based around the theme of Food and Farming. Our aim in producing a photo resource for each wallplanner is to provoke critical thinking around the

Global Learning in Drama and Music

Using the performing arts is an excellent way to creatively engage secondary school students in learning about the wider world, and to enrich your lessons. Whether it’s learning about human rights through singing protest songs or using theatre to exp

BEACONS Guides to Climate Change

Aimed at the general reader, these three Guides to Climate Change make up a comprehensive survey of the essential facts of the great climate change debate. No previous knowledge is assumed. The Guides set out the relevant facts and opinions

Surprising facts about Africa – challenging stereotypes

Surprising facts about Africa

Science and technology in Africa is an area which children in the UK tend to know very little about and so these facts and lesson plan help to address this. Even when we are familiar with African music, arts, or sport, we tend to hear very little about the use of certain innovations. These may […]

Disease prevention & hygiene gallery from Uganda

Disease prevention hygiene gallery

These photos with captions underneath show how important hygiene is in rural African households. Various simple techniques and tips are used by Jane to keep things, and people, clean so that disease is prevented wherever possible.