HIV Myths, Stigma and Awareness

HIV awareness and stigma around infection is still a major global issue. This lesson aims to improve student awareness by increasing knowledge and understanding with a quiz followed by an activity about infection based on experiential active learning

Women and development

The empowerment of women has a key role to play in sustainable development. This resource on the Geographical Association website supports teachers and students aged 14-16+ investigating women in development.

Climate Change

You can use this DVD resource to encourage students to judge whether or not climate change will impact upon people differently around the world.

Global Energy Security

What makes some countries more energy secure than others and what are the strategies that can be pursued to improve security? With case studies from the EU, Iceland, China, India, Canada and the US, this DVD provides a wealth of contrasting examples

Médecins Sans Frontières A-level Biology resources

Médecins Sans Frontières A-level Biology resources

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) has developed two teaching and learning resources for A level Biology, looking at cholera and tuberculosis (TB). (The cholera resource could also be used with students studying Biology or Double Science at GCSE).

Brazil in the School

Written by a team of four British teachers and edited at the Embassy of Brazil, this website provides a set of free, up-to-date educational resources about Brazil for teachers and pupils in British schools.

Who’s most at risk?

This is a role play activity from Practical Action that enables pupils aged 11-18 years to understand some of the key factors that place people around the world at risk from the effects of natural hazards.

Electricity Distribution Debate Kit

Electricity Distribution Debate Kit

The aim of this debate kit is to show students just how complex the issue of electricity distribution is, and to encourage them to reflect and explore some of the main ethical, social and political issues surrounding this topic.