Citizenship through Secondary Geography

This book for secondary Geography teachers is an extensive collection of essays which show how the Citizenship curriculum can be fulfilled within Geography teaching.

Human Rights in the Curriculum: Mathematics

This innovative resource for secondary teachers brings a new approach to mathematics teaching.
It introduces human rights through a series of 30 mathematical activities. The book is well laid out, and easy to follow with pupil worksheets alongside

Developing the Global Dimension in the School Curriculum

This booklet shows how the global dimension can be integrated across the curriculum and into the wider life of schools. It was published by a consortium of government bodies and NGOs: DFID, DfES, QCA, DEA and the British Council.

New Internationalist Peters Projection World Maps

New Internationalist offers a variety of world maps in different formats, including:
Peters’ Projection laminated map, which presents countries in their true proportion to one another
Peters DVD, with a documentary about the originator of the

Science Across the World

This innovative project aims to link young people in different countries through the exploration of science topics. Schools need to register initially to use the site, and then can gain access to the different topic discussion forums. Many of the

Wants and Needs cards

This pack includes 10 sets of cards featuring 20 aspects of life such as ‘clean water’ and ‘fashionable clothes’, along with a sheet giving four activity ideas of how to use the cards.

Science: The Global Dimension

This guidance booklet for secondary Science teachers introduces the idea of a global dimension in science teaching and learning. The book includes sections on the benefits of teaching the global dimension in science, to teachers and pupils, as well

Citizenship education: the global dimension

This guidance book for secondary teachers brings together ideas about how to bring the global dimension into citizenship teaching. It offers ideas for both whole school approaches as well as lesson ideas for all areas of the curriculum.

Theory into Practice: Place, Race and Teaching Geography

This book focuses on the contribution secondary school geography teachers can make to anti-racism. The book explores key themes including unsettled geographies and migration and the ‘invisible whiteness’ of geography. The book describes how teachers